Monthly Archives: April 2015

I Understand the Bear

A patch of sunlight, day by day, creeps it’s way along the ground.  With it, warming inch by inch the cold Earth.  The drip, drip of water wrapped snuggly around the ground gives way and melts into a trickle, then a stream, then a rush of water ever downward in it’s quest.  Crocuses first, then tulips begin their upward quest.  Spring arrives and winter is fading away.

Around the bend and up the hill, a nose first twitches and then an ear.  A paw follows. The soft black fur shifts from the round indent.  For months, she has slumbered.  From a time when every instinct was ripe with awareness that now, now was the time to rest to now, a time when warmth returns,  and awareness of a new beginning just ahead.  The mother bear emerges with her new cubs in tow to go explore the world.

With the turn of the key at My Toy Garden’s last retail day last May,  exhaustion weighed upon me to my very bones.   A few more months of sale/no sale of the business followed by the purging of very last paper clip and curling ribbon remnant and I fell into the sleep of a hibernating bear.  Every inch of my being, physically, mentally and emotionally was spent.  Those years immersed in the magic of the toy store will forever be in my top treasured memories.  The toll on me was greater than I realized.  So, I choose the path of the bear and fell into a deep sleep.  I disconnected from all but the essentials.  I connected with my family, my children, myself.  I read, ate and yes, slept.

Spring has arrived now and with it, the twitching of my paws.  Twitching to begin to write.  To create.  To share. To invite pondering on this journey called life.   To connect with others once again.   Slowly, I am awakening to the next steps I am drawn towards.  I’m excited to return to the keyboard to create and see what plan and purpose there may be for me.   I invite you to come along with me and see!